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Magnacult - Infinitum

Magnacult - Infinitum

Label : Graviton Services | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Magnacult is a Dutch band that has been busy since 2005. On May 12th, their new album 'Infinitum' will be released and again it is a Dutch product of excellent quality. Solid, modern death metal with the necessary groove is what we hear on this third album. Immediately your attention is drawn to the riffs, which are obviously present and 'in your face'. All songs are heavily deployed, with a light reference to Fear Factory sometimes, but Devildriver also comes to mind. With their third album, the men also show that they have grown as songwriters, because every song makes the metalfan's blood flow faster. Here is what it is all about: good songs with bold riffs and powerful vocals, but also with attention to variation and dynamics. A song that sounds like nothing else on the album is 'Holy-Um', where Theresa Smith of Metaprism joins the band. The interaction with her clean vocals works excellent and lifts the song to a higher level. Magnacult has delivered a modern metal album with 'Infinitum', which must certainly bring the band to a higher level.

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