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Longhouse - II: Vanishing

Longhouse - II: Vanishing

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Lykle : Longhouse is not only a term to describe a community building of the indigenous people of North America, but also the name of a band. Inspired by the history and culture of the ancestors of frontman Josh Cayer, Longhouse brings us the album ‘II: Vanishing’ with five songs on the edge of post-metal, sludge and doom.

Opener ‘Hunter’s Moon’ reminds me of Year Of No Light with its heavy riffs, but also shows its own face by the addition of black metal screams. This takes some getting used to, but eventually it does work out well enough. Title track ‘Vanishing’ brings us some groovy doom, but the pace remain low and the atmosphere stays just as grim. When after the third song ‘Blood And Stone’ I almost decided that ‘II: Vanishing’ is a fine, but not very special album, Longhouse plays out its trump cards with the hypnotic sounds of ‘No Name, No Marker’ (see video below) and the amazing last track ‘The Vigil’, which combines clean guest vocals by J.D. Gobeil (Loviatar) with riffs that refer to Ufomammut.
‘II: Vanishing’ has been self-released, but I can’t imagine that Longhouse will be without a record label much longer. This is a real quality release and if Longhouse keeps up this level, an invitation for Roadburn should be coming their way sooner rather than later.

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