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House Of Lords - Saint Of The Lost Souls

House Of Lords - Saint Of The Lost Souls

Label : Frontiers Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : About two years after predecessor ‘Indestructible’ the American arena rock outfit House Of Lords returns to the musical front by means of this meanwhile eleventh studio album ‘Saint Of The Lost Souls’. Still House Or Lords plays majestic melodic rock songs, in which especially the playful guitar parts of guitar player Jimi Bell and the still magnificent voice of singer and band leader James Christian are prominently present. The last mentioned still proves to have a great voice and mister Bell is coloring the songs in a lovely way by means of his fresh riffs and inventive solos.

That accounts for the fact that also this ‘Saint Of The Lost Souls’ has become a very enjoyable record, on which especially the heavy ‘Grains Of Sand’, title track ‘Saint Of The Lost Souls’, ‘Harlequin’ and the more subdued ‘The Sun Will Never Rise Again’ stand out in a positive way. As usual with House Or Lords it’s however the consistency in quality that separates them from the majority of the other bands in the genre and that is no different on this eleventh studio album. The newer records are certainly not as monumental as the first three album from the eighties, but without a doubt it’s a feat in itself it you’re still capable of releasing this kind of albums after such a long career. House Of Lords is a guarantee for high-quality melodic rock and that definitely hasn’t changed a bit with this ‘Saint Of The Lost Souls’.

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