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Glass Mind - Dodecaedro

Glass Mind - Dodecaedro

Label : Rockshots Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Glass Mind hails from Mexico and plays instrumental prog in the style of Scale the Summit, CHON and Trioscapes. Technical prowess takes center stage in a sound that is as jumbled as it is chaotic. The fourpiece uses a plethora of styles and techniques to shape a sound that’s as diverse as possible. Interestingly enough, this is the first record from the band that has no vocals. Whether or not that was a good choice is something I’m not entirely sure on.

Because it’s the lack of vocals that immediately creates a sound that’s more unfocused. The band oftentimes sound like they all are all on their separate islands trying to interact with each other musically, but not quite making it all the time. A song like ‘Fu’ has an underlying sample that’s more distracting than a short skirt on an escalator, ‘Babel’ has practically no points of reference and the title song sounds just a tad too Scale the Summit. Where structure is lacking, the buildup on the album is actually interesting, with every song being followed up by a shorter interlude often only developing a single element instead of the five or six that are developed in the regular songs. I think the album would’ve been a lot more interesting if the band had chosen to focus the longer songs around vocals and kept the interludes instrumental however, seeing as how many of the interludes are a lot more to-the-point to begin with. Some missed potential, but possibly an interesting listen for the experienced instrumental prog lover.

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