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Epitome - Autoe’ROT’icism / Engulf The Decrepitude

Epitome - Autoe’ROT’icism / Engulf The Decrepitude

Label : Deformeathing Production | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Dennis : The Polish grindcore band Epitome has been around for twenty five years and to celebrate this fact the Polish Label Deformeathing Production releases both Epitome’s demo’s 'Autoe’ROT’icism' from 1998 and 'Engulf The Decrepitude' from 1994. Not quite on the occasion of their 25 years of existance, because this release was already released in December 2015, but still. This is the second time that 'Autoe’ROT’icism' appears on CD, since Conquer Records released this one in 2013 on the 'Supe’ROT’ic Performance' CD. Anyway, Grindfreaks who do not own the recordings of these two demo’s yet will have a chance to purchase these now through this release. Like I said, two demo’s on one CD, both with a different sound quality. 'Autoe’ROT’icism' sounds surprisingly good for a demo, but the second part of the CD, which comprises of the first demo 'Engulf The Decrepitude', sounds like the recordings were taken of a dull demo cassette tape, and during the songs 'Involuntary Ascension' the tape got stuck for a moment and was probably taped together again like in the old days with cassette tapes. Even though not perfect, it does have its’ charm. Musically speaking the grindcore of Epitome on these two demos is rather standard. Absolutely not bad, but not original either. The chirurgical masks and blood drenched scrubs are present for the visual effect and the dental drilling sound is present as well, so most grindfreaks will know what time it is.

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