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Blackest Sunset - Kingdom Of Sorrow

Blackest Sunset - Kingdom Of Sorrow

Label : Spinal Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Blackest Sunset is a band from Belgium that plays a style that I have not heard much about very often. According to the information provided, they play on their new album 'Kingdom Of Sorrow' something called blackened deathcore. Very nice all those names, but just stick to Death Metal. Pretty clear for everyone involved. Try to distinguish yourself with your music and not with a label. Blackest Sunset plays very contemporary death metal, which is quite technical and the album has also been produced with a modern production, which also sounds like many other technical death metal bands nowadays. It sometimes tends to be too clinical maybe, but the songs on 'Kingdom Of Sorrow' are convincing enough in the way they are performed. Good riffs, raw vocals and enough variety to keep the crowd captivated. the band does not have a real face yet, but the execution of the songs is very good, so that identity will come with time.

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