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Steve Thorne - Island Of The Imbeciles

Steve Thorne - Island Of The Imbeciles

Label : White Knight Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Steve Thorne says goodbye to his work as a solo artist with 'Island of the Imbeciles'. He is going to direct his musical vision to other things, like helping others in realizing their own musical visions. With this lovely little gem he leaves us listeners a nice parting gift. This is a gentle and well-crafted collection of enamouring songs.

Weak spots on this very British nice little ditty? That would be that sometimes the keyboard-driven parts in compositions go on for too long and make it feel a bit too much "made at my desk". For instance in the last part of 'Ashes', which for the better part still is a very touching song. I thought I wouldn't go and like this record. I'm not keen on soft neo-prog as they'd call this, nor am I keen on easy criticism on political systems. I love good criticism though, and I love gentle and soothing songs with warmth and heart. And it just so appears Steve Thorne is flesh through and through. Listen and you'll appreciate that.

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