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Hey Satan - Hey Satan

Hey Satan - Hey Satan

Label : Cold Smoke Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Remco Post : What a louzy bandname but what a nice band this is. This trio hails from the French part of Switzerland and recently dropped their self-titled debut. I was playing this album several times in my car on my way to work, and only after two spins I already could sing along, so this stuff must be good, right? The music they make is stoner and listens like a cross between bands like Fu Manchu, Kyuss with Black Sabbath with also influences of Death Alley. The album counts ten well-performed tracks, it's only a pity that the song with the cool title 'This Meat Stinks, Honey!' is an instrumental, because I was very curious what that track was all about. Unfortunately I can't tell more about this band since their webpages are in French and no bio or anything else is included with the promo. Something tho think about with the next release, for there's not much wrong with the music.

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