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Hellbound Hearts - Film Noir

Hellbound Hearts - Film Noir

Label : Stampede Press | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : After the ‘Outside’ and ‘The Proximity Effect’ EP’s and the ‘Nancy’s House’ single, Hellbound Hearts (West Yorkshire, U.K.) debuts with their first full-length ‘Film Noir’ on Stampede Press. In the U.K., the band has had some mighty good reviews from press and fans so far and now the time has come to conquer the rest of the world. It is pretty hard to put a label on ‘Film Noir’. Hellbound Hearts don’t play filthy punk, heavy metal or hardrock. The best way to describe this act is melodic soft punk with a touch of hard rock (not hardrock)!

Therefore I think this band is too soft for the hardrocking guys and girls and too hard for the mainstream guys ‘n dolls around. If it was to me, Hellhound Hearts could use some extra punch to their music. A comparable band such as Sweden’s tAKiDA does have that nice little edge to their music and attracts to me more. Anyway, Hellhound Hearts are gifted song writers and good musicians and with ‘Film Noir’ they will probably manage to gain some popularity. Now I need to play myself a fucking The Exploited album to lose some energy

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