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Funeralium - Of Throes And Blight

Funeralium - Of Throes And Blight

Label : Weird Truth Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Funeralium is a band which doesn’t release an album on an almost yearly basis. That is not too strange since the main forces behind the band, Berserk and Marquis are also active in Ataraxie. But when Funeralium releases an album you can bet your ass it will be ultra-sick doom clocking in at about ninety minutes. ‘Of Throes And Blight’ drags, tortures, destroys, crumbles the listener 93 long minutes going right through the body. Spread across four songs (two songs per cd) of which the shortest is nine minutes and the longest 32. Quite the struggle for most normal people in this age of wanting to consume as much as possible in as short as possible a timespan. If you take the time to undergo the entire trip, you will exit it a reborn person. During those 93 minutes the listener destroyed skilfully and will be totally deconstructed only to be rebuilt as a different person. Do you exit as a better person? One thing is certain, one will view the world more morbid and more realistic and totally reborn. It’s the second coming of the ultra-sick doomster. ‘Of Throes And Blight’ is the logical follow-up to ‘Deceived Idealism’ and their debut ‘Funeralium’. Undergo those three albums in one sitting and humanity will have been deconstructed and rebuilt after that ‘ordeal’.

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