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Freddy And The Phantoms - Decline Of The West

Freddy And The Phantoms - Decline Of The West

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The pretty slick blues orientated rock with folk, pop and soul elements is proceeding on the same path with their new album ‘Decline Of the West’. The songs are very well performed again; maybe a bit too well mannered and dignified (again). Sometimes the songs could use a bit more balls or rough edges. Especially in the last two tracks and two other songs (‘The Last Cafe’ and ‘Transition Blues’) with a slightly longer playing time, the band shows being capable to do just that; accomplished arrangements with jam-like situations which cross some borders at times. Maybe it's a coincidence, but in my perception also the overall sound is not as thin with these tracks. One more reason to just let it go and have more of that freewheeling stuff; I certainly don't mind and I'll wait for the next album with high hopes.

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