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Dr.Livingstone - Triumphus Haeretici

Dr.Livingstone - Triumphus Haeretici

Label : Osmose | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Dr.Livingstone is a different kind of band. Originally a hardcore band, they are now playing a more extreme form of metal in which the base leans more towards black metal. The entire sound is somewhat different in a weird kind of way. Opener 'Codex Haeretici’ is a long track of 12 minutes and only includes soundscapes over a tribal drumbeat. A lot of things happen in the song but it's not what you expect from black metal. 'Lux Delenda Est’ then again is exactly what you want from the band, a stinging icy mix of fierce riffs and screams with an overall quite aggressive sound. The guitar solo is, moreover, brilliant. As dissonant as it is.'Fuck You With A View 'is stylistically perhaps more black metal too, but also very alienating some way by the quirky way the band approaches their music. Dr.Livingstone is definitely recommended and this 'Triumphus Haeretici' is certainly a challenge for the more adventurous enthusiast.

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