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Doedsvangr - Satan Ov Suns

Doedsvangr - Satan Ov Suns

Label : Immortal Frost Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Once in a while some talented musicians whom are playing in other ‘big bands’ in their respective genre gather together to form a ‘superband’ and Doedsvangr is one of them: with Shatraug (Horna, Sargeist, Behexen, Nightbringer and another forty bands) on guitar, Anti-christian (Tsjuder, Beaten To Death, Grimfist and another forty bands) on drums and Doedsadmiral (Nordjevel, Svartelder and Enepsigos) on vocal duties, we are speaking of some topnotch musicians of the Finnish and Norwegian black metal scene gathered into a new entity called Doedsvangr, bringing us their debut ‘Satan Ov Suns’.

Although there is nothing special going on when listening to the album for the first time, that is truly not the case, because listening carefully to ‘Satan Ov Suns’ I start comprehending the musical story of Doedsvangr and it is getting better and better: that’s a huge compliment nowadays in the infinite and already saturated black metal sea. Blastbeating and superfast riffing can be done by almost every self-proclaimed musician, but making this game to good use is a different story. Doedsvangr knows the art of their war: they play less aggressive than Tsjuder, not as fast as Nordjevel and the production is better than on Horna’s stuff, but that doesn't make it any less obscure. This album breathes desolation and cold despair. Maybe some tracks seem a little redeemable, but there are enough delicious riffs and interesting vocal parts to keep the album exciting as a whole.

Doedsadmiral is really the man that makes this album stand out and without prejudice to the other band members: his tormented vocals and occasionally intoxicating singing supported by sometimes inhuman sounding moans are the top attraction on ‘Satan Ov Suns.’ A remarkable black metal record and well worth the purchase.

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