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Bardo Pond - Under the Pines

Bardo Pond - Under the Pines

Label : Fire Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Bardo Pond is a female fronted psychedelic bluesrock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a slow take on the genre. The band shrouds itself somewhat in obscurity, but I figure that that’s exactly the place they want to be to ensure their fanbase mostly consists of hipstery youngsters with a tremendous hankering for spacing out. Many of the hippie vibes this sound gives me fall flat for me, and most of that is due to vocalist Isobel Sollenberger never really hitting her notes quite right; one might make the argument that she tries to instill the feeling of the music, but her voice doesn’t necessarily carry enough weight to really get away with mostly sounding flat. I can imagine that ‘Under the Pines’ might hit a few strings when you’re stoned out of your gourd, but I’m writing this as sober as can be and much of its potential is lost completely to the non-indulgent mind.

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