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Arthemis - Blood - Fury - Domination

Arthemis - Blood - Fury - Domination

Label : Scarlet Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : There are few bands that have changed their sound so drastic over the years as the Italian group Arthemis. The band started out with power metal so sickly sweet that even the guys of Sonata Arctica would probably have thrown up their dinners if they ever heard the music. Nowadays the band plays firm thrash/power metal and the new singer Fabio is the main reason for this metamorphosis. On the new album ‘Blood - Fury - Domination’ we can find 45 minutes of bashing, guitar focussed power metal. Do listen to the firm opening song ‘Undead’ or the appropriately named ‘Blistering Eyes’. A weak point with many Italian power metal bands are their ballads, and not even Arthemis escapes this generalisation when they deliver the toe-curling ‘If I Fall’. The hyperactive ‘Warcry’ gets the album back on the rail with a Dragonforce touch. The level is not kept until the end unfortunately, and the last two songs kind of drag the thing down again.

This album surely contains a few very decent songs from a band that has gotten a thousandfold better in the course of time. The downers are present though, and they prevent the cd from making a real impression. A pity, for this has always a band with potential that was never really dug out. They could make a start with the realisation that no balled is better than a piece of shit ballad.

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