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1000Dead - Thousanddead

1000Dead - Thousanddead

Label : Metal Scrap Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : 1000Dead is a technical metal band formed in Rethymno Greece. This self-titled debut is filled with brutal guitars and scorching, overdriven aggressive vocals (in a very good way). Unfortunately the singer has to (sporadically) share his “normal singing” voice, this awkward addition burns into a non-harmonic and insecure sounding got to have it. I must admit, it doesn’t affect the over-all fun 1000Dead has to offer. The band walks a paved way with lots of room for surprising influences. The thrash drive is a steady component within the songs of 1000Dead, a great dish! The instruments are being put to use in every possible way. Blast beats morph into blunt stoner riffs, ‘Post-war Blues’ is the lively proof. Strong debut from Greece. I’s difficult to pinpoint the direct influences, so this one is for the explorers.

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