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Underdark - Mourning Cloak

Underdark - Mourning Cloak

Label : Sell Your Soul Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Lykle : Underdark is a band from Nottingham, UK, who deliver their debut EP under the title ‘Mourning Cloak’. The gloomy post-black metal sound of the band is clearly following the slipstream of Deafheaven, which is most prominent on the wonderful opening track ‘Bank of Roses’. With the other two tracks, the band tries to steer away a bit from the sound of their great example, but the influence remains obvious. To be honest, there’s not much wrong with that, since Underdark delivers plenty of quality to compensate the lack of originality. The three songs are well-wrought, have a good enough sound and showcase a talented band that has a bright future. With a bit more of an original sound, Underdark can make a great career in the post-black metal scene, so genre fans would do well to check out ‘Mourning Cloak’.

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