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Sweeping Death - Astoria

Sweeping Death - Astoria

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Some Ozzy, some Pantera, a little bit of power metal, some thrash and some Life Of Agony. My mother always taught me that if you cram together all your jigsaw pieces it will not become a nice picture. These Germans had better listened to my mother, for the men are cramming many genres together on their debut album 'Astoria'.

I'm not entirely enthusiastic, as might be expected. I am absolutely in favour of mixing different styles, but these guys do not do it my way. The album has a too open, happy atmosphere in my opinion. In the less jolly parts too many hard-core influences appear in my opinion. I wake up during the short power metal passages and even during the parts that remind me of Pantera. The vocals in particular leave not much of an impression. The singer tries as good as he possibly can, but all these styles are of course too much. None of the different styles are equipped with really good vocals.

Yet it is obvious that we are dealing with guys who know how metal should be made. The way they handle the instruments is more than fine. Actually, it is just that, which saves the album a bit. The guitar solos are really nice and show us that this guy has talent. However, it is too much a ratatouille for me. Variety is an asset, but you can overdo it. They call it progressive thrash… well, that is a way of putting it I guess.

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