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Stoner Machine Electric - Vivere

Stoner Machine Electric - Vivere

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Live albums… what to do with them? Fine when you were present at said gig, but that’s about it. The golden age of live albums is a couple of decades behind us now. So, stoner combo Stone Machine Electric unleashes a live album called ‘Vivere’ upon humanity. Like the band says right at the start of the concert “Yeah, we don’t talk, we’re Stone Machine Electric”. And indeed, after this intro the band plays forty minutes in one sitting. Four songs and two intermezzo’s. The four songs ‘I Am Fire’, ‘Dreaming’, ‘PorR’, ‘I Am Fire (Slightly Burned)’ can also be foundon last year’s studio album ‘Sollicitus Es Veritatem’. The execution of the songs is slightly different, but don’t add anything to the original versions. Solid stoner with psychedelic influences is what the duo offers. ‘Vivere’ is actually an unnecessary release and only to be recommended to fans of the band who want to keep their discography complete.

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