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Spitefuel - Second To None

Spitefuel - Second To None

Label : MDD Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This German rockband consist for the main part of former members of Strangelet. For their debut album 'Second To None' they hired producer Martin Buchwalter. He already worked with bands like Destruction, Tankard and Suidakra, hence he really knows his stuff. Spitefuel plays traditional hard rock with a modern influence. This is mainly to hear by the the drumming that has some fairly ingenious patterns. In forty five minutes playing time you hear a lot of different tunes come by. Opener 'Purified' is a heavy piece of metal. The polyphonic and fast chorus vocals make this very accessible music. At 'Whorehouse Symphony' there is already played a bit slower but with more sludge-like atmosphere inside. And so each song has its own approach. With 'Regrets' and 'Fly' you even got to hear two beautiful ballads. Fans of traditional hard rock will listen to this with pleasure.

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