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Righteous Vendetta - Cursed

Righteous Vendetta - Cursed

Label : Another Century | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Righteous Vendetta was founded in Cody, a small town in Wyoming. Wyoming is one of the least dense populated states in the US. The only thing that really could be said on Wyoming is that the famous Yellowstone National Park is located there. And that the women’s right for voting has been around since 1869. (In the Netherlands this was 1919 and in Belgium 1948). Righteous Vendetta has done some hard work to gain fame by touring a lot and intensively and thus won the fight against the isolation of a small community. In 2013 they released their debut album 'The Fire Inside Out', and now here's successor 'Cursed', according to the band the result of thorough writing and rewriting until it came to perfection. The album will be released through their new label, Another Century, a member of the Century Media group. Musically they tap into the melodic modern metal sound. Regularly the metal moves a bit to the background and you get to hear a more rock and pop oriented direction with the necessary electronics. Opener ‘War Is Killing Us All’ is still on the metal side, but with a tune like 'Weight Of The World' the music dwells into a more catchy rock direction with the occasional violent piece in it. All in all Righteous Vendetta has managed to deliver a good sounding modern and smooth metal album that especially will appeal to the youth.

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