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Red Harvest - Hybreed

Red Harvest - Hybreed

Label : Cold Dark Matter Records | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Re-release

Jurgen : Red Harvest from Norway started off in 1989 and made some demo’s, before 1992 debut album ‘Nomindsland’ was released. That album had even an intense thrash metal spin, but was also pulling avant-garde. Full-length’ follow-up ‘There’s Beauty In The Purity Of Sadness’ (1994) set course for more experimental fuse. Red Harvest found itself a rather unique phrasing of prog(-ish) metal and gothrock, connected to industrial and doom metal, led to the bands strongest possible creative output in its existence: 1996 release of ‘Hybreed’. On the bands quitting moment in 2010 seven full-albums and – among other – some EP’s were made.

The twenty years’ anniversary of ‘Hybreed’ ran parallel to Red Harvest’s last year’s restart. Now remastered, provided with different artwork and extra tracks added to (live recordings form Blastfest 2016 in Bergen, Norway), French Cold Dark Matter Records re-releases Hybreed on double cd digipack. ‘Hybreed’ outlines an overwhelming dark ambiance: an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic-like world absorbing you while you are aware of the sadness that is beholding industrial wasteland, in which you diligently are trying to find peace in still untouched nature. In the way that industrial mastodonts like Ministry and Godflesh sounded more sharpened, more aggressive or militant – and actually still do - than the Norwegian collective back then (Ministry-touch, though, certainly audible at Red Harvests sound), ‘Hybreed’ - on the other hand – regularly dwelt more within pretty much widened up songs that carried out worn atmosphere. Fields Of The Nephilim, Neurosis and Type O Negative are popping up in your head when touching that particular ambiance. Immersive ambient/electronics – by using among other synths and samples – bring forward beautiful depth in midst of tribal-like summoning. The latter is also triggered by cold repetitive industrial metal patterns.

If you know Red Harvest but this nicely intoxicating album did escape from your attention, then surely do try this re-release. If you don’t know the Norwegians or not that good: besides the ‘Hybreed’ album, the additional live tracks give yet another stunning impression of some other albums by these finely innovative industrial metallists.

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