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Pyramaze - Contingent

Pyramaze - Contingent

Label : Inner Wound Recordings | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : There they are again, Pyramaze! The melodic power metal band from Denmark that made an excellent come-back with the strong album ‘Disciples Of The Sun’ is now ready to unleash its next album upon us. It turned out to be a concept album with a post-apocalyptic theme. How will our world collapse upon itself if we continue this way in the development of information technology? The thoughts of Pyramaze on this subject you can find on this album that received the appropriate title ‘Contingent’ and guess what, we have a true masterpiece here!

The band does not let us stick our toes in the water before jumping in, for ‘Land Of Information’ launches us into both the story and the music with neck-snapping accelerations. After a short symphonic intro, a great example of how power metal is meant to sound like is revealed. Singer Terje, for whom this is only the second Pyramaze album, steals the show from his first notes on and also the great keyboard mastery of Jonah is evident in the solo most of all. ‘Kingdom Of Solace’ is heavier and here the work of guitarist Toke and also the multi-talented Jacob (guitars, bass and production) get some great moments to shine. ‘Star Men’ is kicked off with the piano and features an amazing harmonic chorus that sounds so warm it oddly enough makes you feel cold. ‘A World Divided’ treats us to more piano, due to the singing style it is Masterplan you might think of here. The cd contains two instrumental parts, simply enough named Contingent parts 1 and 2, that cut the cd up in three parts. Part two starts with the more straightforward rocking ’20 Second Century’ that leans more towards the melodic metal like DGM, and also here another spectacular vocal achievement by Terje. What contrast with the next song, the inimitable ‘Obsession’, of which the headshaking rhythm can only be approached with multidimensional mathematics. On the last parts of the CD we can still find ballad ‘The Tides That Won’t Change’, a beautiful ballad that has Terje sing a piano-duet with Kristen Foss. ‘Symphony Of Tears’ closes the record in a dignified way, with another sparkling chorus touching Symphony X style.

The entire album is a pleasure to listen to, even if you do not keep focussed all the time, and that is one fact that is noteworthy for progressive music like this. The atmosphere is warm and because of the thrilling and well-built nature of the songs the album has your attention for the full play time. Pyramaze is the promise in melodic power metal of this time, ‘Contingent’ is the album you want to buy this month and Terje is your new favourite singer. Compliments are in order here!

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