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Pleasureagony - Pleasureagony

Pleasureagony - Pleasureagony

Label : Fastball Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : You know, the thing with maths is that two minuses could become a plus. Most bands would agree that it’s a shame this doesn’t apply to the music business in any way. It’s a swift and painless execution if a shambling production, out of tune vocals and weak riffing get penalised for what they are: negative. That’s exactly what Pleasureagony, a practically unfindable band from Germany, are delivering with their self-titled debut album.

Inside the cover of this debut the (un)lucky listener will find a toilet full of nastiness, something which matches symbolically with the feeling the album leaves you with at the end. These Germans behind Pleasureagony admid on Facebook they are in need of a guitarist, and that’s an overstatement on ‘Pleasureagony’. There’s no power, no depth and during the solo’s there’s no pace at all to keep this train a-rolling. Valentin, the vocalist, has a terribly shaky voice, decorated with regular out of tune notes, while trying to do Queensrÿche like vocal work. Obviously without any success. His grunts and screams are slightly better, but get dominated by the use of clear “singing”. ‘Pleasureagony’ is the result of a band that’s just not ready for the real deal. The line-up is far from complete, they lack the right people on the right instruments and please, please, leave the world be until you figured out how to set that right.

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