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Beorn's Hall - Mountain Hymns

Beorn's Hall - Mountain Hymns

Label : Naturmacht Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : From New Hampshire this Beorn’s Hall bestows upon us this ‘Mountain Hymns’. Old school black metal inspired by their surroundings and paganism. Beorn’s Hall use acoustics quite abundantly to offset their raw black metal. These are calming and atmospheric and clearly meant to conjure up visions of majestic mountains and dense forests. Even the chanting vocals are not that bad. So far so good. The black metal content, very reminiscent of Bathory, Drudkh and a host of other groups is sadly the lesser component of their music. Far too trebly (while the acoustic parts are warm sounding) and frostbitten. Sure this true and so on, but doesn’t do the album any favours. The riffing itself is fine but hardly invigorating and the overall result is an album that doesn’t seem to be able the pick a side to go with.

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