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Label : Earsplit Compound | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : ORM, which means ‘snake’, is actually quite an interesting band. These guys hail from the northern country of Denmark and that typical, unpolished Scandinavian sound is absolutely recognizable in the sound of the music on this debut album. ORM is indeed a rather new band, but luckily the music on ‘ORM’ sounds mature and dark enough to leave a good first impression.

The foundation of their music is definately black metal, with references to a whole arsenal of bands from the Scandinavian black metal history. But nevertheless, even with those references the music of ORM never sounds dated or primitive. On the contrary, their sound might just be appealing to both fans of the more raw and classic style of black metal, as to fans of more modern-sounding post black metal. Influences range from Gorgoroth to Bathory and Downfall Of Gaia, all of which are beautifully blended together by the band and thus creating a solid and interesting-sounding foundation for the music on this album.

But the great thing about their music is actually the fact that ORM allows a broad array of influences from other metal subgenres to flow through their sound to counter the black metal fury. The band has no problem going from epic-sounding guitar parts to doom-inspired riffing, but also postmetal and even some posthardcore elements can be heard in the songs. In general, the songs are well-written, but sometimes still feel a bit raw and unfinished to me. But that is of course the beauty about a debut album, because as from there you normally should only be growing in your role as a musician and songwriter.

Overall we can conclude that ORM presents us a more than decent debut album with this self-titled disc. Fans of black metal, who are not afraid of other elements in the sound, should definately check out this album. Oh, and also a very big thumbs-up for the artwork by Paolo Girardi, known for his artwork for Bell Witch amongs others.

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