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Depeseblo  - Nightmare Desolation

Depeseblo - Nightmare Desolation

Label : SelfMadeGod Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The Swedish Depeseblo is the brainchild of Paganizer guitarist Dennis Blomberg, who with this project shows he has more cards up his sleeves than just following the old school death metal of Rogga Johansson. He has shown that before with his other bands too, like Down Among The Dead Men and Those Who Bring The Torture. This is the first album under the name Depeseblo. And he doesn’t have a website yet. But you can find him on Bandcamp.

May have said that he has more cards up his sleeve, but he will of course not disavow his true identity. The traditional grunt, backed by atmospherical death metal, as a whole too makes this feel like a warm bath for old school fans. Add to that the characteristic down-tuning sound and you get a death metal disk that will only show surprise in the details. And it is in fact all about those details. While it is main structure, the red line in his work, that make the album as contagious as it is. If you are a fan of Rogga’s, you can easily add this to your collection, are you looking for a bit more layers in emotions and atmosphere, they are still at the spot, but if you are looking for actual surprises, you must be looking elsewhere. I would not have wanted anything else than 100% death metal spirit, of someone with his musical background.

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