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Deivos - Endemic Divine

Deivos - Endemic Divine

Label : SelfMadeGod Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : The Polish band Deivos have been in the brutal death business for some 20 years and ‘Endemic Divine’ is their fifth full-length. I liked their most recent releases ’Demiurge Of The Void’ (2011) and ’Theodicy’ (2015) well enough.

The band stay the course on ‘Endemic Divine’: fast paced brutal death, one foot firmly planted in their own Polish scene (early Decapitated, some later Behemoth) and the other foot in the US / NY brutal death scene. There are for instance quite a lot of Suffocation influences present. Deivos do not aim for technical details, their songs are meant to be a roundhouse kick in the stomach. The keyword on ‘Demiurge Of The Void’ was “energetic”, ‘Theodicy’ tried to overwhelm and added some industrial elements. ‘Endemic Divine’ is a logical follow-up to those albums: the eight tracks still have energy and intensity as staples, but they work even better due to the addition of groove, pointy leads and cool breaks, creating a cool vibe of their own. This makes the album their strongest release so far. Very cool to hear a band that has been around as long as these guys are still developing their style! A very decent brutal death release.

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