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Deficiency - The Age Of Conciousness

Deficiency - The Age Of Conciousness

Label : Apathia Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : For the French band Deficiency this is their third album. Its predecessor The Prodigal Child’ was already a very fine piece of work, but with ‘The Age Of Consciousness’ they have grown further. The layman who still sees thrash metal bands as nothing more than some long-haired noise mongers should try this out and be surprised. The ten songs are very strong. The arrangements sound modern and offer a lot of variety. The modern thrash easily switches over to metalcore and back again to metal with a progressive element within minutes. In 'Another Fail To Come' halfway you even get a beautiful passage of acoustic flamenco guitars followed by some fierce metalcore. The seven minutes lasting 'And Now Where Else To Go’ is an instrumental, though with Laurent Gisonna they nevertheless have an excellent singer within their ranks. All of this and the recurring alternations of rawer metalcore to cleaner singing make Deficiency become one of the best French metal bands. Lyrically the band follows the concept of the rebirth of mankind after expire in chaos. The French artist Ludivic Cordelières has managed to encapsulate this very beautiful in the particular artwork. This is a band that brings not only excellent music, they also have succeeded to make something authentic.

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