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Crimson Dawn - Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter

Crimson Dawn - Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Crimson Dawn has been credited for being the “Italian Candlemass” before, and that was not without a reason. Like the Swedish legends, Crimson Dawn plays epic doom metal and does not so without some merit. Also this third album ‘Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter’ is a piece of work that should make fans of the genre lick their fingers.

After the intro it is ‘Eternal Is The Dark’ that comes to us sluggishly with the message the sun will never rise again. Next to Candlemass, the song also reminds of Black Sabbath and the same thing can be said about the six-minute ‘The Suffering’. Next to their obvious doom identity, the bands sounds typically Italian with its symphonic nature. This is also clear in ‘The Skeleton Key’, the song that will be the centerpiece for the upcoming videoclip. Crown on this work is the epic ‘Gaze Of The Scarecrow’, in which singer Antonio Pecere sounds even more grand and resembles Dio in his later years. ‘Checkmate In Red’ increases the pace and brings back that Black Sabbath touch, mixed with some 70’s elements.

‘Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter’ is a very fine piece of work in the epic doom genre with some tasty winks to ancient legends both inside and outside of that same genre. Fans of Candlemass or other comparable doom acts can buy this record without question, excellent album!

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