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Marche Funèbre - Into The Arms Of Darkness

Marche Funèbre - Into The Arms Of Darkness

Label : BadMoodMan Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : We were already quite flabbergasted by the earlier albums ’To Drown’ (2011) and ‘Roots Of Grief’ (2013), yet this Belgian doom masters Marche Funèbre surely surpassed our expectations on the third album ‘Into The Arms Of Darkness’. They even went to the infamous Studio E of producer Markus Stock (Schwadorf of Empyrium and The Vision Bleak fame) to record their ideas, that’s why this production happens to be much better than before. In the meantime the band turned into a good-oiled team by doing many gigs during the last years and you will notice that on this record.

Five extended compositions – going from eight to almost fifteen minutes – are collected to give you almost one hour of dark doom metal with loads of other influences. Mark you, this is not only a parade of inertia or drawling tragedy, this has momentum due to its adequate accelerations and much more diversity in the chants of Arne Vandenhoeck than before. It graces the band that they have chosen the longest track to shoot a – breathtaking – video clip. From the opener ‘Deprived (Into Darkness)’ on, they put things straight: this band has found its habitat! While ponderous doom riffs and melodic leads of guitarist Peter Egberghs turn into a constant familiar feel, this song also includes diverse influences and a fresh new approach: sharp screams of Arne (in the end he comes from the black metal scène), really improved clean chants and a whispered passage. You get blown away into a maelstrom of all facets of extreme metal. ‘Capital Of Rain’ opens like a kind of ode to Primordial: the gritty guitars, the heroic sturdiness, even in the vocals. This is a song that takes you down into the deepest outskirts of hell while maintaining a kind of catchiness you cannot resist. If possible ‘Uneven’ goes even deeper, with amazing tight playing of the guys and Arne opening all registers of his vocal capabilities. We can be brief about the video clip song ‘Lullaby Of Insanity’: as doom metal fan you will instantly see the references to My Dying Bride, yet it turns into a personal statement. Next we can wallow in the desperate feel of a love gone by during ‘The Garden Of All Things Wild’. It is obvious: this happens to be the best album of Marche Funèbre so far and we are on the tiptoe of expectations to attend their release party with Primordial at the 25th of March in Antwerp! This is art the way we enjoy it!

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