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Wolves Scream - Vestiges

Wolves Scream - Vestiges

Label : Redfield Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : Wolves Scream hails from Belgium and presents us their debut full-length album ‘Vestiges’, following the EP ‘Hurricane’ from 2014. I am not really sure if I was the right person to review this album, especially since I tend to find the current metalcorebands to sound less and less interesting over the years. But let us forget that for a moment and just listen with an open mind to the music of this undoubtedly sympathetic band.

As already mentioned the band plays a modern form of metalcore, with sporadically incorporated post-hardcore elements. Musically Wolves Scream mainly makes use of rhytmical guitar parts, but melody does remain important. Something you can notice in the vocals of Lionel Bolain. Of course screaming vocals are omnipresent in the music, but the vocalist also succeeds in sometimes adding a semi-clean, melodic sound to those screaming vocals. Personally I find that to sound a bit forced at times, but I also must admit that it gives the music some extra power and variety. And vocalwise Lionel knows how to do it right. On the other hand, musically, I remain stuck with a dilemma.Because of the big production-value and the heavy guitarriffs this album immediately sounds good and powerful, but after a few spins I just cannot help but noticing that not all songs on ‘Vestiges’ are equally good and sometimes built-up around a rather boring structure. If there is one song that I can definately recommend to listen to, it is the very heavy and powerful ‘Oathbreaker’. The band even made a video for this song.

Personally it is no secret that I am somewhat bored with metalcore in general since a couple of years, because of which my review might have a slight negativity to it. But if you are an absolute fan of this genre, than I would recommend you to definately have a listen to ‘Vestiges’. It is quite possible in that case that you could add some extra points to the end-result. Fans of the genre will surely find enough elements to enjoy on the album, and because of the great production the songs will really blow out of your speakers.

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