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Venereal Baptism - Deviant Castigation Liturgy

Venereal Baptism - Deviant Castigation Liturgy

Label : Osmose | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Bestial Black Metal is the term that yields the band Venereal Baptism to their music. What this means exactly I do not know, but it will be clearly explained in the lyrics that are hardly recognizable. What is striking is that the vocals are not specifically black metal. I hear more Cronos of Venom than someone like Hoest (Taake), so the influences of old school black metal are hereby confirmed. The pace is high, as it should be, and the songs are full of screeching guitar melodies and blast beats. Fortunately, the album has also been given a full and heavy production which only benefits the listening experience. The band does not continuously blast on, there is a scope for variation in tempo that just gives you some breathing space. 'Impure And Perpetual' is an example of such a song. The venom drips from the music as well as the lyrics and the band has nothing good to tell to the world, but a great album gives is the result of such an attitude.

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