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TwentyDarkSeven - Momentum

TwentyDarkSeven - Momentum

Label : Metalapolis Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Well, it is the same every month: there are a shitload of releases every month that need to be reviewed. And often there are quite a few nice albums we have to listen to, and of course there are some terrible ones as well. And in between there is certainly a positive outlier. But the bulk of the releases, say 80%, are albums that are quite OK, but that do not add anything, that do not stand out in anyway. So it is not surprising when you review a CD, there is a big chance the CD will be among the 80% of 'OK' albums. This example also applies to TwentyDarkSeven, a heavy rock band from Germany. On this new album 'Momentum', we hear very solid heavy rock / metal that sounds familiar but that not really lingers on for some odd reason.

The album opens really good with the up tempo song 'Stranger Than Fiction' but after that the album somewhat collapses in both speed and quality. Singer Marcus Sturm (which you might know from Brainstorm) is a decent singer, the riffs from Peter Wagner are pretty standard with some positive exceptions (the killer riff in ‘Spoke In The Wheel’) or the nice up tempo blast 'To Hell And Back’. That's serious headbanging stuff! But among those good songs nothing really happens, at least too little to mention. You just hear ‘good’ heavy rock but not of the kind that keeps banging in your head.

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