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Patria - Magna Adversia

Patria - Magna Adversia

Label : Soulseller Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : Usually black metal and warm countries are not the best of combinations, yet one of the exceptions is from the land of samba and old school primitive black metal: Patria is the name, Brazil is the game. To the readers of Lords of Metal the band is not unknown, since out of their six album up until this one, four have been reviewed on our site (use our search engine to get an overview throughout the years). We missed out on 2014’s ‘Individualism’, but since the sixth album ‘Magna Adversia’ (The great/big against?) is released through the Dutch Soulseller Records label and because of the good connections between that label and this webzine, I can tell you that this album might gain the band new souls, be it that this might be different souls from the past.

For this time the core of the band, instrumentalist Mantus and screamer Triumpsword, has use a drummer not unknown to this scene: Asgeir Mickelson. Indeed, ex-drummer of Arctic Thunder (the band that inspired Darkthrone to last year’s masterpiece), Ihsahn, Sarke, Borknagar and some more Norwegian blackened orchestras. Rebaelliun’s Fabiana Penna helped out with some orchestrations, like on ‘Communion’ and there you have the recording line-up. In the past I compared the band to Taake and Kampfar, but on the new album Patria – like Kampfar – went towards a more massive and modern sound. But there is one essential difference: Kampfar is innovative and leading, Patria is following other bands yet does so in a very professional way. Fans of Sarke (‘Two Way Path’ and ‘Arsonist’), Darkthrone new style (‘Now I Bleed’) and Dark Funeral (the first songs of the album, ‘The Oath’) and Dissection will like this album, and the Take fans might think this one just a bit too clean. And in all fairness, there lies the problem for me: individually good songs, but after some spinning I notice that the attention is slipping away, and that makes the difference between a good and great album. And maybe the album is too clean for those who know Patria since longer.

The link with Borknagar goes further than just drummer Asgeir Mickelson, since it has been co-produced, mixed and mastered by Øystein G. Brun, who already worked with this band on previous album ‘Individualism’. With such an experienced guy it is no surprise that the sound is good and modern, and once again Patria sound more from northern Europe rather than Brazil. What I do miss from the old days is that Patria used to be rawer regarding music and vocals, today’s Patria sounds more professional. I myself am still struggling with the question whether I am thrilled about that one…

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