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Kadinja - Ascendancy

Kadinja - Ascendancy

Label : Klonosphere | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Kadinja is a group from Paris that has captured what can make technical metalcore great in a country where it’s probably most popular. So many young bands in the region doing exactly the same are popping up and to stand out, you have to be good. Where bands like All That Remains and Shadows Fall shaped a genre with melodic hooks and technical guitar work, metalcore nowadays has deviated into a genre as pretentious as it is monotonous: every band wants to be able to do everything and in turn lose a lot of direction. Kadinja is from the school of Periphery, Erra and Veil of Maya, but most of all the school of Intervals and Monuments; energetic, technically advanced but with its melodious moments at times. Vocalist Philippe Dewandre reminds me of a younger Mike Semesky (ex-Intervals) in his lower register and his screams sound genuine and grounded. Finally, another metalcore release that hopefully isn’t going to drown in the worthless sea of mediocrity that is modern day metalcore. I hope this is the stepping stone to a solid fanbase for these guys.

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