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Jenner - To Live Is To Suffer

Jenner - To Live Is To Suffer

Label : Inferno Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : An all-female thrash metal band from Serbia, days that I don’t get to know a new one of those occasionally go by. Today is one of those days it does happen, and damnit, this sounds good! Jenner plays American styled thrash metal like their heroes of old like Anthrax, Agent Steel and Overkill have been doing for centuries. Jenner is fast, venomous and the high and hoarse vocals of Anđelina make the music sound even sharper than it already is. Her voice reminds of Marta Gabriel of Crystal Viper, though musically that is where the comparison ends. From opener ‘Factory Of Death’ on, the pedal is pushed to the metal and for as good as the complete 37 minutes the music rumbles on at full speed. In spite of the pace, the music varies in emotion, and from lively in ‘The Heath Is Coming’ we go to aggressive in ‘How Deep Is Your Greed’ until just sinister in the ending of ‘Silent Killer’. The guitar solos are nothing short of pure fireworks and the drums leave no bone in your neck unharmed. Jenners music is as solid as a rock and ‘To Live Is To Suffer’ is one of the underground highlights of the year already. So get your ass up and listen to that thing!

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