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IN.SI.DIA - Denso Inganno

IN.SI.DIA - Denso Inganno

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Italian band IN.SI.DIA was founded in 1991 under the moniker Inviolacy. Their first demo contained four songs sung in English. Their first album followed in 1993, when the band had changed the name to
IN.SI.DIA and had begun writing lyrics in their native tongue. In their homeland they achieved a lot of positive response, but still after two albums in 1997 the band split up. These two albums were re-released in 2011 by the label Jolly Roger Records.

After these re-releases three of the four original band members got together again and after a lot of gigs now here’s their new full-length album ‘Denso Inganno’. Judging by the length of the album, close to an hour, they’ve had a lot of inspiration. Although this is quite long for a thrash album, it never bores me. IN.SI.DIA doesn’t break any speed records, but is heavily leaning on the threatening atmosphere they create. Moreover vocalist Lorini Fabio has an excellent voice. His angry sounding vocals thicken the menacing mood even further. In 'Mai Perdere Controllo' this sounds great. Another highlight vocally and musically is ’A Causa Tua’. So don’t let the use of the Italian language scare you. IN.SI.DIA has made a damn fine album with a distinctive own sound.

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