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Imminence - This Is Goodbye

Imminence - This Is Goodbye

Label : Arising Empire | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : It seems that the management of Nuclear Blast wants to explore beyond the boundaries of metal, but because the core business of the company is metal, the sub-label Arising was founded. In the confinements of this label they do it slightly more versatile and dare to explore new paths and give not so obvious bands a chance. The focus remains pointed at young, refreshing and qualitatively. So the Swedish Imminence found shelter with Arising. Now Imminence has as much to do with metal like Donald Trump with a Nobel Prize for intelligent opinions. They make pop rock with a lot of electronics and occasionally a guitar. The latter is, unfortunately, far too few to generate some interest for fans of the harder stuff. However, everything sounds very catchy and has hit potential. Singer Eddie Berg has an excellent voice that let hear much variation between soft and emotional play. Adolescent teenagers will find this fantastic. Unfortunately they are a little too late to sound original because in everything they sound like the little brother of Bring Me The Horizon.

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