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Disharmony - Goddamn The Sun

Disharmony - Goddamn The Sun

Label : Iron Bonehead Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Formed in 1991 and split up after three demos and one EP only to reunite in 2014. After having released a compilation album with old work the band now hits the stage with their debut album. ‘Goddamn The Sun’ is characterized by typical Greek black metal with quite a bit of thrash and death metal influences. At times in such a way it almost becomes bombastic without it actually being bombastic. Except during ‘War In Heaven’ where the female opera like vocals push the song just over the edge of bombastic. Even though it all sounds typically Greek I also discern some Countess influences in the music. The songs are well thought out and reasonably catchy. It’s a shame the band only released their debut now and not in the Nineties. Two and a half decades too late this album.

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