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Cosmosquad - The Morbid Tango

Cosmosquad - The Morbid Tango

Label : Marmaduke Records | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Cosmosquad are a supremely rockin' fusion trio. Fuelled by drummer Shane Gaalaas and guitarist Jeff Kollman, their new bassist is Kevin Chown, a musician Jeff Kollman shares a long history with. So let's hope this will remain a stable line up! Because they are kicking major ass again on 'The Morbid Tango' - an instrumental record that gets me all lyrical. And there's a mission here as well: to demonstrate that art, as it always has, leads to truth. They captured this idea well, and in the meantime they provide you with tons of fun to listen to.

There's so much goody-goody on here that I don't know where to begin. With the thunderous passion of opener 'Morbid Tango'? With the fuzz-drenched emotion in 'Always Remember the Love'? With the crazy funkiness in 'The Ballad of Rick James'? Or just with the unbelievably addictive closer 'Beyond Death's Door' and its beautiful left path reprise? Here's the deal: go check out what you love most. And go tell the band. Add a remark: that they should come and play in Europe - that or relocate The Baked Potato to Tilburg. But I digress - a thing Cosmosquad never does in all its instrumental glory. Unbelievably recommended! Cosmosquad!

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