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15 Freaks - Stuntman

15 Freaks - Stuntman

Label : Ethereal Soundworks | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Mini-CD

Cor : Five glam/hardrock tunes with a punky edge, which could have been made back in the eighties. Maybe one adjustment has to be made; the hugely popular Volbeat wasn't there yet, so these elements of the sound had to be invented by themselves. One thing is for sure: these are easy consumable rock tunes with quite a bit of Volbeat influences. The music is in no way spectacular, but presented pretty decently. Still, when these guys want to reach more than the local venues, a truck load of good fortune might come in handy, and at least do something about that cheap artwork. The music may be called alright, but the package as a whole does not predict very high hopes.

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