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The Gathering - Blueprints

The Gathering - Blueprints

Label : Psychonaut Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : It remains a strange idea. The Gathering in refrigerator mode. After the magnificent live album 'TG25; Live At Doornroosje' it suddenly became very quiet, and that proved to be something to get used to, even though it was announced by drummer Hans Rutten in the interview with us. But now, the refrigerator has been slightly opened as there is a 2CD released under the name 'Blueprints' showing demos of the last two albums with Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals. A sign that the folds of the past have been ironed out and that this 'under construction' songs and songs that got no place on the final records may still be an addition for the fans. One song is certainly more interesting than the other but that’s what’s to expect with these kind of albums. It sounds so familiar to hear Van Giersbergens' voice again over the evolved sound of the band. Without degrading the later albums with singer Silje which are also very rewarding. And now the refrigerator is closed again, let's hope that soon something will pop out. Hope springs eternal.

1. Blister
2. Alone [Demo]
3. Waking Hour [Demo]
4. Converted Shuffle
5. Shortest Day [Demo]
6. Fatigue [Demo]
7. A Noise Severe [Demo]
8. In Between [Demo]
9. Silent Hymn
10. Forgotten [Demo]
11. Inner Combat
12. Box [Demo]
13. Mokaka
14. Monsters [Rough Mix]
15. Zion [Early ‘In Between’ Version]
16. The Intangible
17. These Good People [Rough Mix]
18. Disarm [Demo Version of ‘You Learn About It’]
19. We Just Stopped Breathing [Rough Mix]
20. A Life All Mine [Demo]
21. Oil
22. Debris [Rough Mix]
23. Film Glass
24. Out of Breath [‘We Just Stopped Breathing’ Live Jam]

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