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Kjeld/Wederganger - Kjeld/Wederganger split

Kjeld/Wederganger - Kjeld/Wederganger split

Label : Van Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Kevin : Two of the most nasty bands of the Dutch black metal underground gather together to spread death and decay through this split. Frisian Kjeld and Gueldrian Wederganger reforge an alliance that has been dead for one thousand years.

Kjeld opens the attack with three brutal tracks, that due to some subtle additions, are still quite atmospheric. The third track starts of on a calmer note, only to bash your face in a while later. Kjeld has stuck to the sound they had on the excellent ‘Skym’ and these three tracks are extremely enjoyable. After the slaughter it is time for the dead to rise. The stinking miasma from open graves forms two songs by Wederganger. ‘Laaiende Haat’ starts of really old school and keeps going at the same, calm speed for quite a while. The interplay between vocalists Alfschijn and Botmuyl works really well, as usual. After five minutes a break signals the end of the dragging tempo and after an icy riff is played, the song bursts out into a welcome blast. I have to be honest and say that I would have liked the first part of the song to be a bit shorter, but that is a matter of personal taste I guess. ‘De Galgenberg’ is everything you could possibly want in a Wederganger track, tempo alterations, Atmosphere and filth. A very fine split that is obligatory for fans of both bands.

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