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Trollfest - Helluva

Trollfest - Helluva

Label : NoiseArt Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Martin : Folk metal sucks. Trollfest has always been one of the very few exceptions to the rule. Why? Because these progenitors of ‘Trve Norwegian Balkan Metal’ are musically gifted as well as completely bonkers. ‘Helluva’, their seventh album, is a logical continuation of their highly illogical sound, which is basically a mixture of black metal, Balkan music, and virtually anything they can get their greasy fingers on.

At first glance, ‘Helluva’ seems a winner. Compared to its predecessor, ‘Helluva’ is a very necessary step up in terms of aggression and speed. The songs are compact and the addition of a complete brass band also really beefed up the sound. Therefore, ‘Helluva’ should be quite a treat for anyone who is into weird folky extreme polka metal with lyrics about trolls. Wait… is that actually a thing?

Anyway, though solid on all fronts, ‘Helluva’ still doesn’t quite live up to previous albums such as ‘Brumlebassen’. Trollfest are at their best when they completely rewrite the rulebook. Let’s face it; nothing beats a 240 bpm blasbeat accompanied by a balalaika solo! For such an unconventional band, most songs on this album are rather… conventional. Well-written for sure, but there are only very few occasions on which Trollfest rip into Balkan metal at breakneck speeds. When they do, though, it’s the perfect party music for even the most hardened misanthropes.

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