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The Wild! - Wild At Heart

The Wild! - Wild At Heart

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : It remains a fascinating phenomenon that a band like The Wild!, from the cold, northern Canadian town of Kelowna, is capable of adapting a style that’s just not adding up. With blues influences from one of the warmer, more southern American blues delta’s and hardrock to which they have committed their entire heart and soul. These gentlemen are sure to rock some life back into those frozen limbs with their debut album ‘Wild At Heart’.

Especially the vocals on this debut album is of an exceptional class. Lead singer Dylan Villain has a voice that’s easily comparable to Axl Rose, with a very special raw, yet pure sound to it. Straight from the opener ‘Ready To Roll’ he makes clear that he’s the main man on this album. His vocal highlight, however, comes way later on the album. The bluesrock oozing ‘Run Home’ is an utmost stunning track, on every level. The blues just keeps seeping into your ears, together with the clear high moans of Villain and his and The Kid’s gentle guitarplay. The choir on the background makes it even more southern than the blues did. It’s my only objection to ‘Wild At Heart’, really. If these gentlemen are capable of playing stuff like ‘Run Home’, than why isn’t there more like that on the album? Why do all of the other tracks suddenly feel less original? The blues is strong, the sensitive strumming of the guitars are so much better than most of the soloing on other songs. These guys clearly have a comfort zone, and are working towards leaving it. If The Wild! succeeds in integrating more of that brilliant blues rock like they do on ‘Run Home’, bundled with the energy of ‘Wild At Heart’, I’m absolutely down for another record!

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