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Sinister - Syncretism

Sinister - Syncretism

Label : Massacre | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Steady as she goes, straightforward, pound it all to bits! Sinister take no prisoners on 'Synchretism', already their 13th (!!) full-length of their long career. As on its predecessor 'The Post-Apocalyptic Servant' (2014), we get a mix of the old, primal sinister sound and fast, brutal NY death thrown at us. The album also has a dark edge, which can be found both in the sound, the - sparse - slower, threatening bits and the effective synth parts, which add a neat extra layer to the record - as do the amount of pace changes the band have in store for us. They might almost turn 30 as a band, that does not mean they are done and dusted - far from it! What else is there? The leads are oldschool approved, drummer Toep is once again killing it, the in your face sawing and riffing is great and Sinister as a whole stay true to their blunt oldschool death roots. And there is nothing wrong with that, a damn fine addition to their already pretty impressive discography! Oh, and an honorary mention for the cool artwork!

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