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Scarboro - Here Comes The Hangover

Scarboro - Here Comes The Hangover

Label : WTF Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : For fans of H2O, (early) Agnostic Front, Descendents, Minor Threat, Bad Religion and 7 Seconds is what WTF Records is trying to tell us in Scarboro’s biography that is added to the band’s ‘Here Comes The Hangover’ release. You can easily add Ramones to this list if you ask me, just check the ‘Relentless’ track! Scarboro’s music however isn’t for old farts like me, fans of more recent bands such as The Casualties, The Rabble or Far From Finished (where the hell have they all gone?) will like this shit.

If my information is correct, this is the band’s first ever physical release. You can download Scarboro’s earlier works ‘The Safeword Is Yes’ and ‘Rubber Tracks Demo’s’ through the band’s Bandcamp page. Scarboro’s music is pretty good. ‘Here Comes The Hangover’ is a high energetic punkrock / hardcore album that contains fourteen short hollow point bullets that bring pleasure rather than annoyance. After just a few listens you begin to hear how involved this apparently simple three or four chord music is. If I wrap everything up, this album is just more than average!

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