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Irreverence - Raise Chaos : Live In Milan

Irreverence - Raise Chaos : Live In Milan

Label : STF Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Three years back I reviewed Irreverence’s most recent studio album ’Shreds Of Humanity’ which was quite good. Now the Italian thrashers return with their sophomore album ‘Raise Chaos : Live In Milan’. As the title implies, this one has become a live album which was recorded in the bands hometown on September 12th 2015 during their twentieth anniversary show. Do visit the webpage of Irreverence’s label to find out how to order this fine live recording.

The live album contains three tracks of the aforementioned studio album, two (obvious) cover songs (‘(Empty)Tankard’ from Tankard and ‘Ace Of Spades’, originally by Motörhead), two not so obvious cover songs (‘Politicians’ and ‘State Oppression’ by fucking Raw Power) and five older songs (which I unfortunately don’t know). Irreverence is a very good thrash metal band that unfortunately hasn’t been discovered thus far and I hypothesize they will remain in the underground forever. I hope a new studio album is already in the making.

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