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Herem - III

Herem - III

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Five years after ‘II’ it is now the turn of ‘III’ to convince the world of the powers of Herem from Finland. ‘III’ continues where ‘II’ left off. Pulverizing tectonic doom which at times reminds one of Yob and at other times of Paradise Lost. Of the last mentioned band especially during the melody lines. Even though the band moves as a glacier and tectonic plates they do manage to have enough variation to their music to keep it interesting. Well done. Vocally it is vile, rough and sometimes even nasty. It is that the biography says a woman is singing because I would not have guessed that at all. Vocalist Valendis can easily be put in the top tier of female doom vocalists. No powerless warbling, just roar, and such.

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